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Corn Online Trading

Corn is one of the main food in all cultures, but the market of this agricultural product extends beyond the dining table, the biggest use of the Corn is the animal feed, this means that the demand for corn is linked to the demand for protein and also to the global population growth.

Corn is also used in a number of other industries, including biofuels, and other consumer products. Corn online trading is on margin, and the margin changes depending on the vagaries of the market and the current nominal value of the contract. For example, if traders are trading corn contract on the Chicago Board of Trade (CBOT), he should keep on the margin of $ 1,350, which is approximately 4.5% of the nominal value.

How to trade corn?

Trading corn is being held in the form of a public auction and traded (online) on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, and traded in the of Brazilian Exchange and Futures Exchange (BM & F), and ICE Futures Exchange in Buenos Aires (MATbA), and DCE Chinese trading contracts commodities futures (DCE), and Kansai Stock Exchange (KANEX), and the National Stock Exchange commodities and financial derivatives (NCDEX) and the Tokyo Stock Exchange for grain (TGE).

The annual total production of Corn approaches 525 million tons. The United States is the main producer, with nearly 260 million tons, followed by China in second place, China produces more than 110 million tons per year, followed by Brazil in the third place, which in turn produces 37.5 million tons per year.

In spite of the diverse uses of Corn, but it is still used as animal feed mainly in all parts of the United States

ETFs offer an interesting opportunity for investors to trade on the price of corn, this approach requires minimal business activities from the investors, for investors in the United States, the only legitimate option for trading in corn is Corn Fund Tekirom (the Teucrium Corn Fund), and inspite of that Corn intervenes in a number of ETFs and commodity indices as well.

The futures contracts for trading corn are among the agricultural contracts traded on a large scale, the average daily volume of trading is several billion dollars, the corn futures traded on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange under the symbol C.

For some goods, it is possible to profit from corn online trading is the direct route to the sources, by investing in companies engaged in the cultivation or production of the desired product. Because a large part of the global corn production comes from small-scale farmers or companies owned by the private sector.

Corn is one of the most diverse and complex Grains in the world, Corn's annual production volume is up to 270 million tons, produced in the United States alone, so Corn can be considered one of the most important cereal crops on Earth according to demand and production.

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