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Cotton Online Trading

No one knows the exact timing or how cotton emerged in people's lives, during their research in the Mexican caves, scientists have found parts of cotton packs and a piece of cotton cloth, and after deep search, have come to know that it goes back to at least 7,000 years have also found that the cotton itself similar to the quality of cotton which is planted in the US today.

The Arab merchants introduced cotton to the Europeans about the year 800 AD, when Christopher Columbus discovered the Americas in 1492, cotton was widespread in Bahamas Islands, and by the year 1500, Cotton has gained fame around the world as an asset for cloth and clothing.

At the moment Cotton is an important part of daily life of almost every human being on earth, and that's because it is used in a wide range of textile products necessary for all and clothing. it is grown in a lot of places in the world's contents, like the Americas, Africa, and India. Cotton is one of the main crops, which used in the textile, agriculture and food industries. It is used in 64% of the production of clothing, 28% in home furnishings, and 8% in industrial products, in the United States revenue resulting from trading cotton is amounted to 120 billion US dollars. The United States is a huge Cotton producer, but the textile industry is characterized by its small size within the United States, this is due to the volume of production and export of a lot of cotton.

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In 2007, the net domestic consumption of cotton in the United States amounted to 97% of the imports, despite the fact that 27% of this volume of cotton produced in the United States. Overall China is the largest producer and cotton consumer in the world, and owns 29% of global production and 43% of the world';s consumption of cotton in 2007, China manufactures clothing and other textile products made out of cotton, supply and demand movement in China and other emerging markets is the main driver of prices of trading cotton, as well as seasonal agricultural conditions and prices of competing crops.

Because of their use in the production of biofuels; the prices of trading cotton and soybeans have risen, driving farmers to suspend cotton cultivation in favor of those crops, which resulted in higher trading cotton prices, and reduced the area planted with seeds of the cotton in the United States from 15 million acres in 2007 to 11 million acres in 2008.

Cotton is traded on the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol CT. The futures contracts are delivered in the months of March, May, July, October, and December of each year.

As of mid-December 2015 cotton was the only contract of the 22 contracts in the commodity index Stock Exchange Bloomberg, which has registered gains during 2015, it is clear that the Sugar on his way to catch up with cotton in the way of profits, this is due to the Chinese collapse, especially after the reorganization of the cotton industry and pumping new generation of fiber in the market, which is feared by many online trading traders because of the country's huge stockpile.

Historically, trading cotton has shown little to do with each of the stocks and bonds, making it an excellent choice for online trading traders who are looking forward to raising the pressure off their financial portfolio and that's due to Cotton's extensive use in the textile industry, which means its ability to hedge against the risk of inflation.

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Best trading cotton online trading are contracts, ETFs in the stock market, and even the stocks of production companies contributed in the field of cotton, and moreover, a relatively low cotton prices (futures for cotton declined by 29% during 2014, in addition to the moral tremor conducted by China led to a decline in the popularity of cotton farmers, production volume has witnessed decline for the third consecutive season in the 2015-2016 season.

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