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How to trade rice

Rice is the primary meal for over half of the world's population, world production of rice goes as far as 700 to 800 million tons per year, most of it are being consumed in the continent of Asia where grows around 90% of production volume (around 650 million tons per year), in addition to countries that suffer from overpopulation and limited cultivated lands such as North African countries, notably Egypt and Algeria.

Rice is one of the most favored and consumer staples in Asian countries, depending on its availability, the government performance is evaluated in some countries, which could lead to some disorders on the account of the absence of the rice quantity needed as it is rarely absent from the dining tables of China and Japan.

Rice consumption in non Asian countries is not as essential as in Asian countries, but it is growing Steady especially in African countries where consumption is on a higher rate than production volume that is why most of the African countries compel to import, but this did not significantly contribute to putting an end to the growing gap between supply and demand of rice.

African rice production was amounted to an estimated 1 million ton of rice in 2008 and the import volume worth 3.5 billion US dollars. This is just to compensate for the difference between supply and demand. World rice trade volume reached about 42 million tons, compared with 10-12 million tons in the Eighties, which means the consumption ratio is doubled and a huge boost in the census of population in a terrible way.

This scale (42 million tons) represents just 9% of the global production due to most of the produced rice is mainly consumed in Asian countries and that is why it does not get to the world market, unlike corn and wheat, which are being exported all the time. A lot of rice producing countries such as ( Argentina, Brazil, Cambodia, Myanmar) seek to boost the export volume in the near future especially to central Africa and South of the big desert, that is considered a golden egg for rice exporters because of the volume of rice consumption which amounts for half of the exported supply.

Besides, several attempts are being carried out to increase the domestic production volume of rice and dispensing with imports and help eliminate the common malnutrition in areas filled with poverty. Latin America with its fertile soil, abundant water is one of the main potential sources to turn into an important rice exporter, which could end the existence of the global crisis. Rice export market is centralized in Asia where Four out of Five major rice exporters in the world are located ( Thailand, India, Vietnam, Pakistan), the top five exporters dominate approximately 80% of the world rice trade.

During the past Four decades, Thailand ranked first in exporting rice, as we have noted previously that the rice is still the main meal and one of their strategic goods, which maintain the food security of the country.

The demand for specific types of rice that some countries is famous for such as glutinous rice in Vietnam, jasmine rice in Thailand plus long-grain rice in Pakistan has increased because most Asian countries that export rice aim to import different kinds of rice to form a mixture Asian buffet and also to create a need for other types of rice.

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