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Trading Signal Providers

Traders of all kinds have surely searched the market for the best signals providers and have found plenty. which one of them is true and which is a scam. what are trading signals providers do and how can they become useful for trading ?

The main goal of trading is to become a professional trader and stop following different signals that may or may not be good. For that you as a trader should know what  trading signals to follow and how you imply them on your trades and most of all know which signal provider to follow as a lot of them just manipulate results in orders to persuade more and more newbies to their scam.

Trading Signals  

There are several types of trading signals such as:

Live trading Signals: this type is conducted through live video by following other traders who are trading live for others to see and mimic their trades.
Manual Trading Signals: traders set their trades manually through signals they gain by social network or skype.
SMS Signals: some brokers offer sms signals to send to your mobile phone.
Copy trading signals: this kind is more like the Live trading Signals as you copy other expert traders.
Autotrading Signals: this is the most popular kind of trading signals as it is not just presenting signal but also automatically places trades for traders.

Trading Signal Providers vary in many things, the most important thing is their honesty and popularity among traders.

Check the table below in order to find the best trading signal providers.

In the table below please see the comparison of all the brokers according to the main parameters