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UniCredit Online Trading

How to Trade UniCredit

Trading Online in the financial companies has been very popular over recent years. Online traders are looking for opportunities to have predictive power over price fluctuations and the stocks of investment houses and banks have been intrinsically linked to the state of the economy. Few companies have fallen as dramatically as UniCredit SpA over recent years, and their stock continues to be a popular trading choice.

UniCredit SpA has a history that can be traced back to a secured loan provider, in Bologna, founded in 1473 (Rola Banca). The company took its current form through the merger, in 1998, of German HVB Group, Italian Capitalia Group and nine of the biggest banks in Italy. The core divisions of the group include Corporate and Investment Banking, Families and SMEs, Private Banking and Central and Eastern Europe. Through these divisions, the company seeks to be highly customer focused.

The share price of UniCredit SpA has dropped from nearly $50 to just above $4 since 2008/2009 (Jan 2013). This dramatic fall has been largely due to world economic pressures and exposure to Italian Sovereign debt. Trade volumes leaped by several hundred percents at the start of 2012 and have remained there ever since. Online trading traders look set to continue to profit from the predictable nature of these shares. By understanding the forces and charting patterns of UniCredit SpA day traders will be able to make significant profits over the coming years.

UniCredit in the Stock Market

UniCredit SpA is listed on the Borsa Italiana Exchange with the ticker UCG. Head of corporate and investment banking, Jean-Pierre Mustier, believes that the future is still bright for the company despite its stock demise: “UniCredit is a solid bank with strong customer relationships and a diversified asset base. What is important is the underlying business. We have just communicated our results for the first half of 2011 with some good underlying trends.” Source Euromoney. The company has posted reasonable figures. If the debt challenge can be overcome then traders should look for the share price to rise once more.

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