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US government news 2015: Overview of US economy report.

US Government News 2015

It is the 69-annual Economic report of the President of the USA, prepared by the Council of Economic Advisers which goes over the United States’ economic stimulus and shows basic economic problems affecting families between the lower and upper classes.

Over the past two years the US economy is returning from the Great Recession at an annual rate of 2.8%. The labor market can show such improvements, as the number of vacancies that has become larger than in 1990s. Anyway, the major issue is fixed on important elements, which influence middle-class revenue (productivity, labor force participation, and income inequality), seeing that the wide range of households has clear advantages from this economic recovery. The President called his economic strategy “middle-class economics”, the main idea of which is to improve all of the above-mentioned factors and guarantee than Americans of all classes will see an improvement.

US Government News 2015: Stocks, USD and bonds

Below you can find the main information about each of the seven parts of this year’s Report that can had a definite impact on the US dollar, US stocks and bonds.

The report concerns the economic recovery and shows the elements which influence middle-class revenue during a long period. Comparing with 2013 job growth is getting up 30% faster and unemployment has decreased to unexpected, even in 2017, level. The report explains these improvements for middle-class using three key factors - productivity growth, changes in labor force participation, and income inequality.

The report shows the U.S. macroeconomic indexes in 2014. It contains the grows of output and employment, the continued fall of unemployment, the improvement in the housing market and the recovery in the budget deficit as a share of GDP. The growth of gross domestic product is 0.7%. The report reports payments which are necessary on mortgage and consumer debt decreased to 9.9% of available revenue. The report contains the benefits which can be brought by immigration reform, business tax reform and infrastructure investments.

US Government News 2015: US Labor market

This report is also devoted to opportunities and dares facing the US labor market. Economic performance is not just unemployment rank, but also a prosperous labor market, which requires labor force participation, quality jobs and successful job matching of workers and positions. This report shows the improvements in US labor market and pays attention to five long-standing labor market challenges. The most important challenge is a decrease in the labor force participation rate.

It also contains information about the changes in American family lives during the last 50 years and their impact on job market. There are more women on the labor market; parents share their responsibilities concerning their children; both parents are working in more than 6 out of every 10 families with children. This report has information about family-friendly policies and how they can benefit the US economy.

By Chieffinancing 25.07.2016

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