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Vodafone Online Trading

How to Trade Vodafone

Online trading traders have a wide variety of assets from which to choose. The telecoms sector is widely accessible through Online trading platforms, featuring stocks such as France Telekom, Deutsche Telekom, Telefonica and Vodafone.

The telecoms industry is a fascinating place to trade. The consumer base is growing year on year and it is one of the few areas of business that has remained relatively stable, or even grown, through a recession. Mobile phone revenue growth is the biggest factor contributing to industry strength. Smartphone sales as a percentage of overall phone sales increased from 37% in 2011 to 45% in 2012. Apple sold 5 million iPhone 5 handsets before it was even released. The consumer hunger for the latest phone technology is insatiable it seems.

Vodafone stock has performed well post credit crunch. In August 2012 the share price was above $185, higher than pre-recession. Trade volumes in Vodafone stock are incredibly high. It is a very popular stock with Online trading traders looking for a regular asset to trade. The level of volume and volatility enable day traders to turn handsome profits on a regular basis.

Vodafone in the Stock Market

Vodafone operates in 30+ countries. Its headquarters are in London, United Kingdom. You can find the stock on the London Stock Exchange with the ticker VOD.L It is also listed on the NASDAQ under VOD. It is a constituent of both the FTSE 100 and the NASDAQ 100.

Online trading traders are always looking for volume and predictable volatility in their trading strategy. Vodafone has proven to be a highly profitable investment asset for traders that are able to understand the fundamental and technical basis of the stock price.

Are you asking yourself "How to trade Vodafone in the stock Market"?

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